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Working in the North-Rhine Westphalia, Raumly aims to expedite the search for your next event space on hourly-basis. We help you snap out of the monotony of the same conventional spots you have known for years and open in front of you, a world of possibilities. 

Why Raumly?


Smooth Booking

Stay focused on what is more important to you. We'll take care of the boring part.


Quality Assurance

Every host is verified. We ensure that only the best are a part of our archive. 

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Stress-free planning

Stay organized with personalized search through potential spaces. Every detail you need, is provided before hand.

Space for every need

Tough times call for wise decisions. Inspect the possibility of a pop-up economy in your underutilized or unused space and start monetizing. Did someone mention that Pop-ups are a great approach to test your Business? Validating a business doesn't have to burn a hole in your pockets after-all!

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Need access to some temporary Equipments/ Amenities for your next Pop-Up? 

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We ensure that you find every little equipment you need to ensure a smooth Event facilitation. Whether it's a camera for a photography event or something more functional for a pop-up store! Why buy when you can rent? 

Our Features

Auto Recommendations


If you are a Space Owner, you'd be already familiar with the dilemma of not knowing what to rent out Space for. This is exactly where Raumly helps you - By providing Automatic Recommendations based on Images uploaded by you. We constantly update our algorithms to give you the best possible recommendations based on the image of the Space. 

Smart Pricing

Another dilemma that you, as a Space Owner, face is- At what price should you rent out your space? After inquiring about the current property rate and a lot of math, is when you finally set the price. We want to make price creation as easy as possible and save you the hassle by using Artificial Intelligence. With the right price, the probability of your space getting booked increases and you're assured of profits.


Equipment Rentals

Got no space to make extra money on? 
As a Space Owner, spent (A LOT) on sourcing pieces of equipment to offer as amenities? 
If the answer is YES to the above questions, don't worry! Raumly has a solution for that too. You can now
list your equipment to make extra income or rent the equipment to save some extra income.

Got a suggestion? Want to understand how things work? 
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