• Ivan Golovko

How Collaborative Consumption could be beneficial in North-Rhine Westphalia?

It is rightly said that sharing is caring. Try to remember every moment when you have shared something with someone. Didn’t it feel good sharing something with others? Now, just imagine all of this at a bigger scale such as sharing a space or equipment for a monetary return. Technically, you don’t have to imagine it because we all are living the concept of sharing at an industrial level. This economic concept is popularly known as Sharing Economy. To explain in brief, sharing economy is more than just a concept. It is a philosophy that is built on collaborative consumption and sustainable sharing of resources. The sharing economy promotes the use of underused resources as shared services.

It is no surprise that sharing economy has gained momentum over the past few years with leaders such as Airbnb and Uber. It has been expected to grow and have a worth of more than $335 billion by 2025. There are a few reasons why sharing economy was able to grow and become a major space for new businesses to develop.

  • This growth can be attributed to the rise of technology especially mobile applications. These applications made it possible to carry out peer to peer transactions which are the basis of sharing economy.

  • When you study the sharing market keenly, there is another compelling reason why it became popular. And it is because of millennials. Yes, that’s right! Millennials have a completely different outlook on how they use resources. Millennials are known to value the experience of using a resource rather than owning it. The sharing market perfectly leverages this pattern and provides experiences that most probably millennials cannot afford to own.

  • Lastly, the sharing market allowed people to use resources at the lowest rates possible. For example, industry giant Airbnb can offer a place to stay at the lowest rate as compared to a hotel with customized services.

These compelling reasons have made it possible for the sharing market to grow and expand. There is no denying it that sharing economy has arrived and is here to stay.

Another player that is entering the sharing market is Raumly, an Artificial Intelligence-based platform that is focused on finding shared spaces for events, business meetings, coworking, and about everything you can think of. In a hurry to find a shared space for your event? Reach out to us. This platform is built using state-of-the-art technology such as Deep Learning for Visual Recognition and Machine Learning. Raumly is determined to bridge the gap between subscription-based and hourly-based spaces by providing both with the lowest commission fees possible.

Operating in North-Rhine Westphalia, Raumly is set to become a game-changer in the market of collaborative consumption. The platform has advanced features such as Automated Recommendations and Smart Pricing. Both these features are meant to offer the space renters and owners ease of use.

Want to see these features in action on the platform, write us an email at hello@raumly.com and get access to the beta version. We promise you won’t be disappointed ;)

Raumly not only offers shared spaces but shared equipment too.

The platform recognizes the need for the highest quality of equipment needed for organizing an event. It aims to connect equipment owners with renters and making their event successful. Raumly is dedicated to making event organization easy, hassle-free, and convenient. The platform is extremely easy to use and all you need is an email id to sign up at the platform and a space you want to rent or need to find. If you are looking for a shared space, enter the area you are searching for space in and purpose. This will give you the list of spaces available that can cater to your needs. If you want to rent out space, you will need to provide information such as location, area, capacity, services provided, and such. Test it out by requesting access to the Beta.

Started by a dynamic team of young professionals, Raumly will change the way extra spaces are utilized in North-Rhine Westphalia for creative or corporate purposes. With this platform, the founders aim to promote the sustainable use of underutilized resources.

Next time when you want a space for organizing a creative or corporate event, visit Raumly and find the space you need.For more information, drop us an Email or schedule a quick call! PS — We’re also hiring :)